The Bingo Club is a function of and operated by the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation, a Non-Profit Public Charitable Organization

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The Irving Moskowitz Foundation makes a $5,000 contribution to the Pop Warner Program

The charitable non-profit known as the Irving Moskowitz Foundation is an organization with a passion for youth sports programs that help keep children off the streets and provide a safe environment. A proud supporter of causes that promote athletic opportunities to inner-city youth, Dr. Irving Moskowitz  and his wife Cherna Moskowitz founders of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation have received national recognition for its generous contributions to youth sports organizations such as the Hawaiian Garden Pop Warner program. Pop Warner’s goal is to utilize football and cheerleading as a tool to develop a respect for education and motivate its program participants to be strong, responsible, healthy young men and women. In addition the organization emphasizes the importance of leadership, teamwork, and discipline.

An athlete and youth sports advocate, Dr. Irving Moskowitz believes that sports teach important life lessons such as hard work, leadership, perseverance, goal setting, and abiding to rules. Sports also help instill positive character in both boys and girls. As a young boy, Dr. Moskowitz remembers the positive impact sports had in his childhood and later in his adult life.

Many youth sports groups struggle financially and regardless of the positive impacts the programs may have on the community some organizations are faced with having to reduce the services they offer. In efforts prevent any decrease in service levels to youth athletic programs the Irving Moskowitz Foundation does its part annually by making monetary donations that help with the cost of running the Pop Warner program. Currently, the Pop Warner program has six different levels of football teams that are grouped by age. The teams have had successful seasons that have only helped to increase the number of participants. The cheer squad is made up of young girls from various age groups that perform at every football game and represent the city proudly. Both the football teams and cheer squads practice in the City’s new sports complex, which was a project that the Irving Moskowitz Foundation was instrumental in converting this dream into a reality.

Founder Irving Moskowitz, President Cherna Moskowitz and the Irving Moskowitz foundation will continue to honor its commitment to provide positive athletic, educational, and recreational activities for the youth of the city.


Irving Moskowitz Charities and The Contributions

The Irving Moskowitz charities offer millions of dollars each year for funding different programs. There are many organizations as well as programs supported by the Irving Moskowitz charities as Dr. Irving has dedicated his life not only to his family but also to his philanthropic calling. He is supporting life-enhancing activities. One important philosophy of his is the belief that every individual needs to have the opportunity to be able to succeed in life. He is agreeable to the idea of extending to underprivileged and disadvantaged students some scholarships that can help improve their life by making sure that the children experience teamwork, pride and fun of playing sports activities. Moreover, he is happy to witness children experiencing fun learning at a science camp.

Also, in his beloved place Israel, the Irving Moskowitz charities ensure that students in the university have housing and that the youth suffering from cancer are able to experience dream trips. He also restored and built synagogues and he makes sure that there is fundamental healthcare provided such as dental clinic and dialysis center. Moreover, the Irving Moskowitz charities include the Hawaiian Gardens Food Bank which is serving more than a thousand families which accounts to approximately 5,500 individuals each with vouchers and groceries. The Irving Moskowitz charities distributed almost a hundred thousand dollars worth of food in the year 2008 and since 1988, more than seven million dollars had been given for food. The visitors to the Food Bank are offered with canned goods, produce, yogurt, grains, bread, juice and others. The needy residents are not being turned away and those who are registered to the Food Bank are receiving vouchers each week to use in a local grocery store.

Irving Moskowitz Charities to Help The People

Irving Moskowitz charities provided a huge amount of money every year to be able to support different programs. There have been different programs and many organizations that have been supported by the Irving Moskowitz charities. Dr. Irving has so much passion for his philanthropic calling that he dedicated his life for helping other people. He is supporting several activities that can help improve the lives of people and education is one thing that Dr. Irving has given much importance too. Not only that, since he has passion for sports, he provided a chance for the students and children to enjoy and have fun with sports activities and learn about teamwork. He holds a philosophy that each person should be given the chance to experience a successful life. Because of this, he provided scholarships and other things for children to enjoy learning.

In Israel, the Irving Moskowitz  charities are helping university students and provided them with housing. Moreover, dream trips are given to children who are suffering from cancer. He also built and restored the synagogues and provided improvement in basic healthcare like dental clinic and dialysis center. There is also Food Bank established where the needy can get their groceries and vouchers. Those who visit the Food Bank are not turned down. There are about 1,000 families that get food from the Food Bank in Hawaiian Gardens. Since 1988, more than seven million dollars have been spent for their food. Each week, vouchers were also given to them which they can use in the local grocery store.

On December 1st, 2013. The Bingo Club celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The event was filled with fun and entertainment for all ages and included both guests and public servants of the community such as retired Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca. Mrs. Cherna Moskowitz was in attendance, as well as the staff and crew who have made The Bingo Club in Hawaiian Gardens such a successful establishment for twenty five years.
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